Why Brilliant = DEFI 3.0

  • Automatic Hyper Burn: Every week, 2 to 4% of Brilliant total circulating supply will be burned. This percentage will evolve based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm according to the number of holders and the tokens held by each. Effectively increase each holder's USD share / total marketcap.
  • BuyBack & "Burn to Liquidity": Increase both price & builds a large liquidity for long term price stabilization.
  • Buy & relax, BRILLIANT will auto-stake & compound for you: Brilliant will do all the farming & auto-compounding on multiple chains.
  • Automatic earnings distribution: Earnings will be automatically distributed every 15 mins at 1.1917%/day and auto compounding 102,483.58% a year into holder's wallet without having to do anything.